Q. What do I need to use the tracker?
A. A phone capable of sending/receiving text message commands, and a monthly text message package added to the included Rogers Pay As You Go SIM Card that allows the GPS tracker to send and receive text messages.

Q. Where do I activate my Rogers Pay As You Go SIM Card?
A. http://roge.rs/2cXTU1y

Q. Where can I see Rogers' 2G network coverage?
A. http://roge.rs/1Lf61Uv

Q. How secure are the trackers? 
A. When you receive a tracker, it starts with a default password of 123456. Please change the password to one that only you know. Only people with the password will be able to send commands.

Q. Can the device send alerts to my phone?
A. Yes. Simply tell it the phone number that you would like it to send the alert to.

Q. Can I set up a GPS fence around my property?
A. Yes. Enter the coordinates of your property, and it will send an alert if the tracker leaves the area.

Q. Are there other types of alerts?
A. There are alerts based on movement, sound, leaving an area, or pushing the alert button on the tracker.

Q. How long do GPS trackers last?
A. Generally, the battery life lasts between 1-3 weeks depending on the tracker. However, you can also use the tracker while it is plugged in. If you attach a power bank, you can extend the battery life to months, or years with our solar powered Heavy Duty Power Bank.

Q. What if the question I have is not posted here?
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