Why would you ever stop?

Receive alerts / Find all their secret hiding locations on your phone while they're connected to our networks across Canada.

  • Password Protected
  • Canada Wide Coverage
  • Smartphone Controlled
  • GPS Fence Mode
  • 24" Adjustable Collar
  • Any Season
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Introducing: The Mini GPS Tracker

Quick Response Time

Setup to receive notifications straight to your phone or send commands and receive responses in seconds.

Professional Design

A glossy lightweight tracker with smooth curves and edges for a more elegant touch designed for increased portability.

Easy to use

Controlled using any text messaging capable phone, simply text a command to the tracker, and send!
Introducing: The Mini GPS Tracker

Outstanding Performance


Now easier to find than ever with coverage across major highways and cities across Canada. Read More

iPhone & Android

Manage your trackers, set alerts, and receive updates, straight from your phone. Read More

Battery Life

Competitive battery life keeps the Mini powered up to a week, or over a year with this USB Battery. Read More


Set and change passwords on the fly to make sure your device is as secure as it can possibly be. Read More

Did you know?

Chance of running away, getting lost, or being abducted in Canada:


Why would you ever leave anything to chance?
Know where they are anytime of the day, and receive alerts straight to your phone.
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For those who play rough

Google Maps

Known For Our Accuracy.

Visuals always help. Now you can find your tracker right on Google Maps and plot the fastest route straight to it. It's as easy as asking your tracker where it is, and have it respond within seconds with it's GPS location. Talk about fast and easy to use.

Want to receive alerts? Simply enter coordinates, and recieve alerts whenever your tracker leaves the designated area. Want to keep up to date where your tracker has been throughout the day? Ask and you shall recieve. Compare responses to see exectly where your tracker has travelled, with coverage across Canada.


  • Major highways and cities.
  • Connect With a Rogers SIM Card.
  • Text from anywhere in Canada.
  • Receive updates within seconds.
  • Get responses within seconds.
  • Stay connected 365 days a year.
  • Powered by the Rogers network.
  • Works with existing accounts.
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Missing Each Year In Canada


What would you give to get it all back?
Prevention is easy, and it starts with a GPS Tracker.
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